Nice when celebrity stories are brought to the forefront to discuss something that seems to affect all of us at one time or one form or another...some use beta blockers before a performance, some alcohol, etc....something to just take the edge off...nobody wants to fail when in front of an audience of any kind...its enough to make anyone nervous...self included here...BD 

image Pop queen Carly Simon, whose hit "You're So Vain" was No. 1 on the charts in 1973, still struggles when she talks about the panic attacks that nearly crippled her successful singing career. Simon was so paralyzed during a 1981 concert in Pittsburgh that audience members swarmed the stage to help her, rubbing the singer's arms and legs. She made it through that show, but during the second one, she collapsed in front of 10,000 fans.

Panic attacks are unlike the usual jitters that accompany speaking in public or a first date. Sufferers like Simon report a pounding heart, sweating and weakness. Some experience tingling hands, nausea or other smothering sensations. They usually produce a sense of unreality, a fear of impending doom or losing control.  Stage fright is one of the most common forms of anxiety disorder -- though some anxiety is shown to be helpful in performing. "One study showed fear of speaking in public was higher than fear of death," said Szymanski.

ABC News: Not So Vain: Carly Simon's Panicky Past


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