One more strike for the we continue as a nation to outsource beyond our borders so grows the responsibility to protect US citizens...something to ponder...what is the price we pay today for "cheaper" products made outside the borders of the country...everybody is in control but in reality, nobody's minding the shop...and there appears to be no ethical levels of necessarily being able to trust a designated partner when located outside the jurisdiction of the US...BD 

The FDA got another tongue lashing from Rep. John Dingell yesterday, who seems frustrated that the agency isn’t clamoring for more money to inspect foreign manufacturing plants.

“Our citizens can no longer trust that their food, drugs or medical devices are safe when the FDA says they are,” Dingell, a Michigan Democrat, said at a hearing on the recent spate of deaths tied to contaminated heparin, the WSJ reports.

Health Blog : Congressman: 'Citizens Can No Longer Trust' FDA


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