There's a lot at stake for all...and if the bill is vetoed, a big loss for the health care market is at this the way to solve the physician shortage...make health care not accessible for many?  Hope this one can get through with enough votes to override another potential veto waiting in the wings...BD 

The bill seeks to delay Medicaid regulations that could reduce health care coverage for pregnant women, low-income children, nursing home residents and other groups. The seven rule changes at issue aim to restrict services covered by some states' case management plans; limit Medicaid reimbursement to public hospitals; narrow federal Medicaid reimbursement eligibility for outpatient hospital services; bar federal reimbursement for transportation to school and school-based care for Medicaid-eligible children; restrict the types of "rehabilitative" services covered by federal funding; reduce federal Medicaid reimbursement for students at teaching hospitals; and limit taxes some states charge health providers.

House Passes Medicaid Bill 349-62


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