Some interesting thoughts come to mind here with using the monitor in working with a Tablet PC or UMPC as the mobile device can as an example capture a signature or any information done while being mobile and then port the software application to the larger screen to view and be available for further editing or vice versa...done wirelessly....BD 

The chip will enable Elo TouchSystems to port Acoustic Pulse Recognition touch technology to small, hand-held and mobile devices (including cell phones, PDAs, UPMCs and Tablet PCs) and signature capture devices.

image Elo Touchsystems, part of Tyco Electronics, supply LCD touchmonitors for maintaining electronic medical record management, computerized physician order-entry systems, nurses' stations, and mobile point-of-care units. They say they enable healthcare professionals to input data quickly and efficiently at the touch of an icon, reducing tedious tasks and eliminating the potential for error. The touchmonitors include options for a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and, for areas where security is key, a biometric fingerprint recognition device.

Tyco Stay In Touch With Healthcare Workers


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