Using telemedicine, this physician is monitoring the conditions of those climbing Mount Everest..he created a 10 pound ultrasound tool and plans to use the tool for the Olympics...BD 

On Monday, he linked with his subjects through his laptop. Using video, Dulchavsky showed the climbers how to move the ultrasound wand over the right and left side of image the chests. His task was to check for a pulmonary condition that often surfaces in low-pressure environs.  The climbers, who at the time were nearly two-thirds their way to the summit, used a portable ultrasound machine -- about the same size of a laptop -- to scan parts of their body and send the images to Dulchavsky.

A Detroit native, Dulchavsky got his start investigating the use of ultrasound images in orbit when he linked up with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the early 1990s. There, he devised a system that allowed astronauts to conduct their own scans using the ultrasound wand and sending those images back to earth for doctors to view.

Pioneering long-distance care


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