I try to use the right hand column of this page to offer some quick links to readers.  One item worth check out is the direct links to the PDF sheets from the retailers that offer the image $4.00 prescriptions on generic drugs.  Each retailer has 300-500 drugs that provide a 30 day prescription for $4.00.  There are a couple other resources here for those that are cost effective as well, so when you need a quick look up, the pages are here, saving time of having to navigate each individual web site.  In addition there's a link to the "Needy Meds" website where you can find pharma company sponsored program where qualified individuals may be able to get their medications free.  Well worth a look.  Scroll down a couple clicks and the references are here permanently.

imageAlso, to look up any drug, the Epocrates Drug Search can also be a great quick look up tool.  This is a free service and anyone can take advantage of the service.  The link is located below the Prescription section.  BD 


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