Perfect for the "detached male' in today's society...the robot can cook, go shopping, do chores, give massages and dress and recharge herself automatically...they gave her an IQ of wait a minute...why only 130....well maybe the male image gender doesn't want a robot that is too smart...cameras in the when is the male version due to help out the "disconnected females" in society...well you might guess that could be in the works...I'll have one with an IQ of less than 130....(grin)...the company expects sales to skyrocket...and the robot will learn as she goes along...but what happens when you need tech a human, reboot, or what if the sensors get crossed...well I guess this one remains to be mention of the price...but I can guess it won't be cheap...oh gosh the days of real human intervention and compassion are at risk of being replaced with electronic sensors...BD 

Meet the 'perfect woman'. As of June the 11th, you'll be able to order your very own Angelina, Gwyneth and err, Julie Andrews. The company AI Robotics has created the most superior robot to date (pardon the pun), which can cook meals for you, go shopping, do the housework and even given 'massages'.

In addition to that, she can hold a conversation just like any other woman (well, most), and can entertain you with topics including music, culture and world travel. Just like the UGOBE Pleo, her skin contains thousands of sensors, her eyes have integrated cameras, and she even has inbuilt Wi-Fi!

Tech Digest: Looking for the perfect woman? The 'perfect woman' robot launches June 11th!


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