Real Time Peer to Peer information...allows the clinician to drill down quickly to study and read the desired results...used by 1400 hospitals currently...other areas enable evidence based order sets to be incorporated into EHR programs as well...and for those still on paper, there's a print solution...BD

Zynx Health will integrate evidence-based chemotherapy care guidelines from the National Comprehensive Care Network into its OncologyCare decision support software. Fort Washington, Pa.-based NCCN is an alliance of 21 cancer centers that develops resources to help oncology care.image

Los Angeles-based Zynx will integrate the network's Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology into its software. The application addresses cancer detection, prevention and risk reduction; workup and diagnosis; and treatment and supportive care.

Zynx solutions provide organizations with the tools to standardize care around evidence-based practice. ZynxOrder™ and ZynxCare™ help clinicians make evidence actionable in the form of order sets, plans of care, reminders, and alerts which can be easily customized to include local guidelines, evidence, or community best practices.

Zynx Offers Decision Support for Chemo


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