Interesting study...potential of too much estrogen for men may not be good either...yes men do have a small bit of it...and the latest cancer research indicates the agents that dampen estrogen activity could also inhibit fusion positive prostate in other words it sounds like choking out the agents that produce estrogen in men could be an alternate solution in the war on prostate cancer....BD 

The finding could have implications for prostate cancer research, including drug development. According to Dr. Rubin, "We now believe that agents that dampen estrogen activity (ER-beta antagonists) could inhibit fusion-positive prostate cancers. Alternatively, any intervention that boosts estrogen activity (ER-alpha) might also give a boost to these aggressive malignancies."
"Now, we show for the first time that this natural estrogen can stimulate the production of the cancer-linked TMPRSS2-ERG transcript, via the estrogen receptor (ER)-alpha and ER-beta. These receptors are found on the surface of some prostate cancer cells," Dr. Rubin explains.

Estrogen helps drive distinct, aggressive form of prostate cancer


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