Nice article and very informative about the technology being used in these 5 hospitals, but somewhat surprised that El Camino hospital didn't make the list, anyway, in the Los Angeles area the Helford Clinical Research Hospital at the City of Hopeimage was right up there on the list..."Today, approximately 30 to 40 percent of City of Hope patients are enrolled in active clinical trials – compared with the national average of one percent.  Integrated into City of Hope’s  scientific community and technological facilities, Helford Hospital enables close collaboration between physicians and clinical investigators. The hospital’s sophisticated communications and patient monitoring systems offer even greater opportunity for partnership between scientists and physicians, creating new avenues for advancing emerging therapies." is connected with digital paperless efficiencies...and robotics...and includes a Center for Biomedicine and Genetics...visit the site to see what other hospitals were in the rankings..the Children's Hospital of Montefiore in Bronx, NY, St. Olavs in Norway, Upper River Valley in Canada, and Legacy Salmon Creek in Clark County Washington are the other hospitals on the list....BD 

When a loved one is ill and in need of medical care, we expect nothing but the best from the hospital staff.  However, it may surprise you to learn that image some hospitals are not as technologically advanced as others!  We tend to believe that as long as the patient makes it through the doors of the E.R, it's all basically the same, no matter which hospital is being visited.  In these times of ever-changing technology, this simply is not the case anymore.  If you are looking for the utmost in technologically advanced care, the following hospitals are the ones to see.

Five of the World's Most Technologically Advanced Hospitals


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