Confused about where the medical device market is going...well you are not reading this full article, you may become even more confused!  Where is the balance...investors want a return on their money, consumers want technology that will save or promote better health care...but the consumers can't get the health care without someone footing the bill...various presentations...including “Early Stage Investing, Financing and Exit Strategies", “Mining China for Potential Investments”, “Creating Effective Presentations", “The Impact of Recent Patent Infringement Decisions and Litigation Outcomes on Your Medical Device Company", How Large Companies Sustain Growth through M&A and Strategic Partnerships” and more....wait a minute...DOES HEALTHCARE ENTER THE PICTURE AT ALL HERE???

Obviously this is a conference to help the investment folks make some sense out of where the money should be invested as well....everyone has their opinions on where the financial side of things will go...I'm sure this is a very challenging area today from everything I read and post on the blog...other lectures include "What are the Hot Deals Now and in the Future" more fractured portion of health care today in the US with "Hot Deals" having the focus  rather than a direction towards what will own personal thoughts lead me to question what's wrong with this picture and is healthcare really all about the money?  Nobody has a crystal ball today....but we could all sure wish one existed...and what happens when the Hot Deals go sour...I guess that's another story... but in the meantime investors and bio tech companies alike will be knocking heads to figure it out...BD 

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - (Business Wire) Medtech Insight, a division of Windhover Information, Inc. and a leading provider of business information for the medical device industry, has announced that more than 40 early- to late-stage medical technology companies seeking funding and/or strategic partnership are confirmed to date to present at its "Investment In Innovation (In3) Medical Device Summit," taking place June 17-19, 2008 at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California, out of approximately 50 to present in all.

Medtech Insight and its parent company, Windhover Information, have established a reputation as holding the premier forums worldwide for discerning senior executives in the medical device, diagnostics, biotech, and pharmaceutical business development and investment communities to meet and screen promising early-stage life sciences companies in need of funding, acquisition and/or strategic partnership, and to network with key decision makers in the industry. Over 1350 emerging medical technology company presenters and over 7200 attendees have participated at In3 events over the past 7 years.

50 Early- to Late-Stage Medical Device Companies Seeking Investment and Partnering Opportunities to Present in 3 Weeks at ''Investment In Innovation (In3) Medical Device Summit''


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