Well this is one issue we have not lost "sight" of...do attractive people earn more money and and get promoted faster...one study says it does happen...when you stop and think about it looking better is something that has gone on for years with cosmetics, hair color, but now the alternatives are a little more permanent...and cosmetic surgery can help with self esteem, but is not the cure all...and how far do you go...there's even cosmetic surgery for your feet now....BD 

image "Even if you may be sharp mentally, if you don't look it" that can affect how others perceive you, he said.

Roth and other plastic surgeons agree that it's not uncommon these days for people to seek cosmetic procedures to bolster their careers. Darrick Antell, a spokesman for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, said business at his New York practice is up nearly 20 percent from last year, and he has come up with a theory on why: As the tough economy leads to layoffs, the newly jobless are "buffing up their appearance" as well as their resumes.

ABC News: Laid Off? Some Go Under the Knife

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