Hollywood writers working with AARP to create material to bring to focus the problems of US Healthcare...and are asking groups to come forward with information...ironically the producer of Law and Order is a pediatrician who attended Harvard Medical School, so there's a real interest on his part to contribute as well....BD 

More than 500 Hollywood writers and producers are working with senior advocacy group AARP to bring attention to the need to provide affordable health care, the groups will announce today.image

Divided We Fail, an AARP campaign that wants to find bipartisan ways to make health care affordable, will work with the Hollywood Radio & Television Society, the Entertainment Industry Foundation and the Motion Picture & Television Fund to make sure health care messages are included in the story lines of popular TV shows and movies  .Neal Baer, producer of Law & Order: SVU, says he was drawn to the AARP campaign because he is also a pediatrician. While at Harvard Medical School, he read a script for ER and ultimately spent six years as its executive producer.

During a luncheon in Los Angeles on Thursday, writers and producers will share personal anecdotes, as well as clips from shows that have tackled health care."  Television, like it or not, teaches people," he says. "Writers are speaking to millions of people. Any forum that brings these issues to the forefront is both welcome and needed."

Health care to get the Hollywood treatment - USATODAY.com


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