One hospital allocates a portion of their computer servers memory to another hospital or to a private practice MD...the cost of renting space is much less than a full on investment...this is becoming more available today for physicians and how it works varies from hospital to hospital...BD 

Large hospitals are partnering with smaller hospitals and physicians to bring down the cost of using electronic medical records. It is a quiet change, but one that holds the promise of dramatically improving efficiency and the quality of health care for patients.

“We’re trying to bring together more physicians in the community,” explained Jim Dobbins, director of electronic medical records at Decatur Memorial Hospital, a 317-bed acute care hospital, in Decatur, Ill. “The purpose is to assure that the highest quality of health care is given to people in the community.”

Electronic records improve the quality of health care but high cost still a barrier


  1. Looks like a great idea, I think this must be brought in to the picture as soon as possible.


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