Not only are the pharmaceutical businesses heavily involved in genomics, Labcorp owns and operated this facility in Los Angeles whereby screening and testing is alive and well...most of us through healthcare are either referred  to either one of the major labs today for our Quest Labs, LabCorp is also set up to send results directly to your physician and in time they might also be working for a personal health record connection...BD 

imageNGI is a leading provider of nucleic acid screening services to the global biotechnology industry and screens millions of plasma donations a year for blood borne infectious agents. A key advantage of our testing platform is the ability to robustly detect nucleic acid targets in pools of up to 512 specimens using highly sensitive assays. Specimen pooling substantially reduces the cost of nucleic acid testing over systems that test a single sample at a time.  image

Specimen pools are generated using an automated liquid handling system and proprietary pooling algorithms. Master pools are tested and cleared if results are negative. Positive pools are resolved using proprietary algorithms and the suspected positive specimen(s) are tested individually to confirm the presence of nucleic acid target.

NGI is licensed as a clinical laboratory provider by both state and federal agencies, participates in a number of approved quality control programs, and holds active Biologics Licenses from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for screening of plasma for blood borne infectious agents.

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  1. Wow, think of the implications for public health. NGI could screen whole populations for HIV, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases.

  2. scary that LabCorp is involved. They suck and can not be trusted. Just see the posts on


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