" Read it twice and call your congressman in the morning."...maybe what we have been waiting for...someone from the medical side of the realm to create an answer to the broken health care system in the US...an Oncologist...BD 

image This Monday a modest little paperback will show up in bookstores offering a suggestion for health-care reform. It won't contain any wrenching human stories like those in last year's big health-care book, Jonathan Cohn's "Sick." It won't be accompanied by gonzo stunts à la Michael Moore's "Sicko." But "Healthcare, Guaranteed," by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, may nonetheless be the most exciting book yet to come out of the country's medical crisis. What it offers is a radical yet straightforward proposal, one a layperson can understand. If the complexities of health-care policy give you a headache, this book is aspirin. Read it twice and call your congressman in the morning.

Emanuel, an oncologist who chairs the department of bioethics at the National Institutes of Health, advised the Clintons on their disastrously complex health-care plan of 1993.

While he likes Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's proposals more than John McCain's, he's underwhelmed by all of them. "I don't think anything they've put out so far is what they're going to end up advocating," he says. "They'll want another plan eventually. I want to be that second choice."

Carmichael: Health Care Made Simple | Newsweek Health Matters | Newsweek.com


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