Hard Hat Areas : Developers...Great tip from Sarah at Channel 10, a nice new site to explain the controls used in Silverlight...I just liked watching the overall image presentation...reason for mentioning this relates back to the recent development of the Common User Interface for health records being developed by Microsoft and working the the NHS in the UK...in case you missed it, here's the You Tube video from a prior post below...BD 

The website, created by Mike Taulty and Mike Ormond, is http://www.silverlightscreencasts.com and there you will
find 50 free videos that cover all things Silverlight from layout and controls to data binding and styling, and much more. There are even some great tips and tricks that go beyond what you'll find in the documentation. Of course, you'll need Silverlight 2 to view these.

Silverlight Training Videos | Sarah In Tampa | Channel 10


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