Very interesting story here with Mike Leavitt rushing a "typo ridden final rule" to the Office of the Federal Register to get the rule in place just before the law passed by Congress to prohibit, was signed in to law...dirty pool?  The court said the Bush administration and CMS acted improperly but the cuts could still take place down the road and needs an act of Congress to stop...only temporary...after the maneuver Leavitt said he would work with Congress...they can re-institute the rule for the cuts once again in 60 days....BD 

Hospital officials around the Bay Area breathed a sigh of relief after a federal judge on Friday blocked a new Bush administration regulation trimming an estimated $5 billion over five years in Medicaid funds for public hospitals.

The ruling came two days before a congressional moratorium blocking the Medicaid cuts expired Sunday, although it provides only short-term protection. University of California hospitals throughout the state also could lose up to $116 million annually, according to the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems.

Robertson said Congress passed a law May 24, 2007, prohibiting "any action" to implement the federal regulation limiting hospital reimbursements.

Nevertheless, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt "rushed a typo-ridden final rule" to the Office of the Federal Register, which allowed the rule to be issued just before Congress' prohibition could be signed into law, Robertson said.

Federal ruling keeps $5 billion cut to Medicaid at bay for now - San Jose Mercury News


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