From another standpoint...more paper to throw away...right now I have a garbage can right next to my mail box to get rid of all the other crap that I this would just add more to the task...and kill of a few more trees...back to the other side of the coin, it is a law to fight marketing...and not to improve patient care nor information...don't they get it, the world is going PAPERLESS!!!  Stop the madness....and keep our privacy, or what we have left of it in tact.  image This reminds me of the viral marketing of Medicare Part D...same principle...just a bigger crowd...BD 

Doctors have had the option to opt out from their end of the coin in a related article...but still the data is stored and retrieved...and available at a certain level...with all their prescribing information available....same level of intrusion as what is told in the paragraph above...just working it from the patient end of things...some information when it comes to privacy and living a life as a human is better left not shared....BD 

Pharmacies in California would be allowed to sell confidential patient prescription information to third-party marketing firms working for drug companies under a bill expected to be voted on Thursday by the state Senate.

The legislation would allow pharmaceutical firms to send mailings directly to patients. Supporters of the proposal say the intent is to remind patients to take their medicine and order refills. But consumer privacy advocates are outraged."By opening this Pandora's box, consumers could wind up receiving mailings designed to look as if they came from the pharmacy yet conflict with what their pharmacist or doctor has recommended. Such a scenario would be a threat to their health."

The California Medical Association opposes the legislation, contending that it could jeopardize patient safety and hurt doctor-patient relationships. The mailings are particularly problematic for patients with sensitive medical issues such as mental illnesses, says the association.

Bill would let pharmacies sell medical records


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