Would the impending Medi-Cal cuts lead to an entire meltdown of the health care system in California...the CMA feels this could very well happen...it is already difficult to find a physician who will take Medi-Cal...will this create another rush to the ER rooms of hospitals, some of which in California are hanging on by a few threads?   BD 

In a California Healthline Special Report, leaders of organizations representing doctors and hospitals, along with an advocate for low-income people discussed the potential impact of proposed cuts to the state's Medi-Cal system.

Gilliard said cuts to Medi-Cal will reduce preventive care for patients and will eventually shift more patients to the state's already-crowded hospital emergency departments.
Noting that California doctors already receive the lowest Medicaid reimbursement rates in the country, Frankenstein said that the governor's cuts will cause physicians to lose money by treating Medi-Cal patients.

"If these cuts take effect, you're going to see a complete meltdown of the health care system in California. This is not limited to people on Medi-Cal ... all of us in California could be affected by these cuts," she said (Kennedy, California Healthline, 5/29).

Governor's Proposed Cuts May Hurt Entire System, Not Just Medi-Cal, Experts Fear - California Healthline


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