We have already seen cars that allow us to talk, and the next level is wheelchairs for the disabled that one will be able to speak commands to...nice and this will no doubt be a success and offer mobility and options to those who are confined to a wheelchair....BD 

Natural spoken dialogue technology has long been a dream for many. Advances by European researchers are making this a reality. The results of their work could soon be used to allow us to verbally interact with technology in our everyday lives, from the music systems in our cars to functions in the homes of wheelchair users.

Interactions between human and computer are currently inefficient, particularly when we try talking. Previously, users have had to rely on specific commands making natural interactions in everyday language impossible.  Additionally, the technology has been applied to making the lives of housebound or mobility-restricted people easier. The European researchers developed MIMUS – a spoken dialogue system for smart homes for wheelchair users.

Taking computer chat to a whole new level


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