We have all heard of personalized medicine, but now the potential of personalized chemotherapy for some forms of cancer...the clinical studies showed that 58 percent were found to to be under-dosed...17 percent over-dosed...a new way to monitor instead of the standard BSA, based on height and weight...BD 

A new, simple and cost-effective 5-FU assay will be available later this year through a major reference laboratory. Access to a simple blood test will arm the oncologist with the power of medicine to individualize 5-FU dosing to ensure patients receive the maximum benefit from their treatment. This is good news for doctors who will have an evidence-based test to guide individualized dose and it’s good news for the patients who can gain confidence that their therapy is optimized.

The blood test developed by Saladax Biomedical, will give oncologists a powerful, cost-effective tool in the battle against colorectal cancer. It has the potential to not only improve their patients’ quality of life but to offer new assurance that they are receiving the best possible care. And that is good news, indeed.

Can a new blood test enable personalized chemotherapy? | Science Codex


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