Hard Hat Area:  Ruby on Rails, Iron Ruby, Light Ruby...Iron Ruby to work with Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation....if you are a developer, check out this latest offering, Ruby in the Clouds...net yet with Diamonds, but getting there...and for those working with Linux, there's the open source Moonlight project...BD 

San Francisco - Microsoft plans to demonstrate integration Friday between its new Silverlight browser plug-in technology for rich Internet applications and the Ruby on Rails Web framework. image

Also at the event, Microsoft officials will demonstrate IronRuby, a version of the Ruby programming language for Microsoft's .Net platform, running a Ruby on Rails application.

"Running Rails shows that we are serious when we say that we are going to create a Ruby that runs real Ruby programs. And there isn???t a more real Ruby program than Rails," said a blog entry on Friday from Microsoft's John Lam, a program manager in the Dynamic Language Runtime team, who will present at the conference.

Microsoft linking Silverlight, Ruby on Rails - Yahoo! News


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