And now for one of the strange studies of the day...I guess it states that men should go buy a a bra...not to wear, but carry it around with you...that is if the pursuit is looking for immediate aware of the bikini effect when it comes to bank accounts and waistlines the study says...or just keep that bra in your pocket to stay out of the danger zones to avoid reward seeking behaviors and only touch the bra when seeking smaller monetary when does that happen?  Anyway, strange study of the day here and worth a little humor for Friday...BD 

image Images of sexy women tend to whet men's sexual appetite. But stimulating new research in the Journal of Consumer Research says there's more than meets the eye. A recent study shows that men who watched sexy videos or handled lingerie sought immediate gratification—even when they were making decisions about money, soda, and candy.

Authors Bram Van den Bergh, Siegfried DeWitte, and Luk Warlop (KULeuven, Belgium) found that the desire for immediate rewards increased in men who touched bras, looked at pictures of beautiful women, or watched video clips of young women in bikinis running through a park.

Bikini-clad women make men impatient


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