Surgeons have a mind set of their own and is somewhat of a "poke" inside health care, but this time they don't want to be on the losing end of has to come from thus the letter to not "rob Peter to pay Paul"...once more the system needs a fix...nothing new has been created since Medicare...time for something image new it appears...a new source of revenue and a pool with enough contributors...small federal sales tax I ask...could work with a little planning...and everybody contributes..BD 

A couple of months back, the group that advises Congress on Medicare funding suggested raising payments for primary care in a “budget neutral” way. Translation: Somebody else’s payments would be reduced. Surgeons aren’t too happy about that. Go figure.

The American College of Surgeons recently fired off a letter to MedPac, the advisory group, and copied several senators and congressmen who control Medicare’s purse strings.This has become something of a regular routine in Washington — Congress intervenes at the 11th hour to block sweeping cuts in reimbursements, but only with temporary measures. So a little while later, the 11th hour rolls around again.

Health Blog : Surgeons Oppose Plan to Pay More for Primary Care


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