Good article addressing some insight on the plight of the hospitalist...will they become employees and where will the compensation lie in the future...right now they are capitalizing on physicians "fleeing the building"...BD 

The other answer was more down to earth: the bubble will burst the morning CEOs wake up and realize that there is no longer a image shortage of hospitalists. Don’t expect that to happen for decade or so according to the panel. One thing we can all agree on---it’ll be a bumpy ride.

So the latest buzz seems to be that hospitalists will take advantage of the fact that other doctors are fleeing the building faster than you can say “code brown”.

Attempt to "improve' PPS further by including inpatient physician services within DRG payments to hospitals. "It will be the responsibility of the hospitals and the physicians providing the care to allocate the payment.  'Thank goodness it died. But if after 24 years it’s resurrected hospitalists will finally be employees in every since of the word. Tension between white coats and suits will mount. Does it mean the bubble of increasing hospitalist salaries will burst?

Notes from Dr. RW: A bumpy ride ahead for the hospitalist movement?

Hat Tip:  Kevin, MD

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