Geneticist Francis Collins moves on after mapping the human genome and seeing a pet project legislation barring genetic discrimination become law.

Collins, a geneticist, criticized federal funding shortfalls, which he said were "cumbersome" and  must be addressed if the U.S. wants to continue to be a world leader in scientific research and development. But he insisted that lack of financial support did not play into his decision to step down. "My time at NHGRI has been the most remarkable of my life," he said, after confessing that he was initially loath to join the NIH in 1993. At the time he was a professor of internal medicine at the University of Michigan and an investigator for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Ann Arbor.

Collins said he is keeping his options open for the future. Among those he's mulling: writing projects in the area of personalized medicine. He also hinted that he might become a consultant to lawmakers designing health and science policy

Human Genome Project Head to Step Down: Scientific American


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