Ok, so now we are like a fruit fly...enough about mice and rats...the flies kept in the dark and separated from the others somewhat got depressed...and after being separated from the others had a harder time adjusting...well don't think this is any big secret, but glad the flies are around to help us understand...actually this is a very important issue imagetoday with "disconnected people"...and it can happen to anyone...working too much and forgetting to take a break...I have been there and done that too...we need social interactions beyond the technical level...and if that doesn't work, well I guess there's always one of these available...as of next month...BD  

It has been suggested that humans and other vertebrates live longer if they have more social interactions, and now this has been verified – in fruit flies.  However, Wu has studied several genes that influence lifespan in fruit flies, and not all of them can be overridden by social interaction, he says.

ABC News: Want to Live Longer? Get a Life!


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