When small companies can't be heard, they band together like this group of Specialty drug companies so they can be heard in Washington...BD

image What do these seven companies have in common? Celgene, Cephalon, Cubist, Endo, Millennium, Purdue and Sepracor.
A: Enough to form their own Washington, DC lobbying coalition.
Today's issue of "The Pink Sheet" reports that the companies are all founding members of America's Specialty Medicines Companies (ASMC).
Their first order of business: enacting legislation resolving once and for all what "specialty pharma"
even means.

And it certainly is an intriguing mix of members. Sepracor and Cephalon make a lot of money in the primary care market (thanks to Lunesta and Provigil), though both also sell more specialized medicines.

The IN VIVO Blog: An Association of One's Own: "Specialty" Companies Band Together


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