One MD discusses using Twitter....several others are beginning to use the platform and I have signed up but have not added the Medical Quack yet...perhaps soon...John Mack in the pharma area has moved on to Twitter as well, but as of this morning the network was experiencing some issues...Twitter stated it was due to the rapid increase of clients...well time will tell the story as to how efficient Twitter will be... BD 

Let's take a step back. Regarding Twitter, chances are you've eitherimage

  1. Heard of it
  2. Use it
  3. Loathe it
  4. All of the above
Twitter is an instant messaging service, a microblog, a social networking phenomenon, a chatroom, the best crowdsourcing utility ever invented, or a colossal waste of time — depending on who you ask.
Regardless of how you feel about it, Twitter matters. Some argue that news is broken on Twitter faster than on any other medium. The conversations on Twitter are often hilarious, informal, and informative, all at once. And the number of people who can potentially see what you write — instantly — is staggering.

The Efficient MD - Lifehacks for Healthcare: Eavesdrop on Doctors and Medical Students on Twitter

Hat Tip:  Kevin MD (Also on Twitter)   Link


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