The device is only for initial detection of measures how much light bounces back in very specific wavelengths...still in the testing just lay your arm down in the device and it does the blood tests...BD 

A new machine could replace the traditional diabetes testing method of fasting, drinking a sweet glucose solution and taking a blood test.

image"It did take a couple of hours while I was here for the whole test," Loo explained of her experience with the traditional diabetes testing method.Some doctors believe the test will be the future of diabetes image detection! Loo hopes the pain-free device will get others to get tested sooner.

The Scout is only for initial diabetes detection, not daily blood glucose testing. Traditional diabetes detection can take about two hours, but the Scout system only takes about three minutes to produce a result. Scout measurements can be made any time of the day because fasting is not required.

Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs - Painless Diabetes Test


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