"U.S. health care is sick. If it's to get better, it needs health IT. It is just what the doctor ordered."....Yet many still hang on to the old methodologies....good point about Amazon...they can remember your books, but how about having something more important like medical records remembered?...BD 

At a recent doctor appointment, a friend of mine who is about to turn 80 handed the clipboard right back to the receptionist, when asked to "update their records." She exclaimed in annoyance that they should already have all that information, as she had been seeing that doctor for more than four years.

This was her rebellion at being asked to once again retrieve from her failing memory details about insurance, prescriptions, scans, tests, surgeries and more. If amazon.com can remember what books you ordered over the last three years, why can't your doctor's computer remind him what drugs you're taking and determine if there is a potentially dangerous combination?

The Washington Times COMMENTARY: Information tech for health care


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