PostPath Server, which is Linux and is pretty much a clone of Exchange..licensing had to be in the picture for savings here..and it works pretty much like Exchange according to the article...for the computers, they still use Microsoft Outlook there was no training required from the user end...they ran the trial for 6 months before migrating...and the article states they have more storage room than what was available on the version of Exchange they were using..the hospital still uses Microsoft products to a pretty large degree, this was one area where the Server was changed...Linux and Windows coexisting and working together...BD 

May 28, 2008 (Network World) Taking a page from the doctors at Moses Taylor Hospital, IT staffers at the facility in Scranton, Pa., last year diagnosed their messaging system and came up with an effective treatment that has turned out to be a lifesaver.

The patient in this case was an aging Microsoft Exchange 5.5 environment that couldn't support increased message loads and was going to cost a bundle to upgrade.

After conducting an evaluation of alternatives, the hospital decided not to upgrade to a newer version of Exchange. Instead, it went with a Linux-based Exchange clone that it felt could meet the needs of its 700 users without forcing them and IT to learn a whole new system.

Hospital dumps Microsoft Exchange for Linux-based clone


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