Now you can see what is in your ears while cleaning too....interesting device as it can go beyond just use for the ears...BD   

The Ear Scope GXL is the high-end EarScope model from Coden, designed to let you see inside your ears as you clean them with bright (dimmable) imageLED lighting. Using the reusable Ear Spoon you can gently clean every nook and and cranny of your ears with ease, as opposed to cotton cleaners that actually push the dirt back in. The sticky light guides are shaped like cotton cleaners and can pull out dirt or wax without scraping.
Using the regular light guide, The EarScope GXL is also useful on other parts of the body, or even for industrial uses, such as peering inside dark areas like engines, machines, boreholes, etc. It's several tools in one!

Wellness - Ear Scope GXL - High-End Endoscope - Japan Trend Shop

Hat Tip:  Medlaunches


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