Is the next test required for job going to be an ADHD test?  These folks are looking around right now for an employer to volunteer...but the funny thing about this study is that the high rate of ADHD in the Netherlands improved performance...for the sake of productivity, not better health, someone thinks this should be mental disorders cost the US at least 193 billion a year...maybe a little better training and help with information overload might accomplish the same thing...people do tune out when it becomes too much and that is not this considered part of the problem?  BD  image

More recently, it has been recognized as continuing into adulthood for some people, and new research seeks to estimate the effect of ADHD on workers.

This lack of ability to concentrate costs the average adult sufferer 22.1 days of "role performance," per year, including 8.7 extra days absent, according to researchers led by Dr. Ron de Graaf of the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction.

It might be cost-effective for employers to screen workers for ADHD and provide treatment, the researchers suggest.  Kessler said he had worked with workers suffering depression and found that treatment costing $1,000 could help prevent $4,000 in lost productivity.  The new research estimated the U.S. rate at 4.5 percent among workers, costing an average of 28.3 days performance.

ADHD can cost adults 20 or more workdays a year - Yahoo! News


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