One other growing area, medical devices for kids...this company creates orthopaedic devices for children and works closely with the Cleveland Clinic...and is exploring the development of biologic products created with the patient's own cells to help rejuvenate growth for children with broken bones and deformities...BD 

But because nobody made devices specifically for children, surgeons have been forced to refashion adult devices or even use veterinary products to fit kids.image
    Deeter left DePuy, where he managed 300 surgeons and the custom implant business, to create OrthoPediatrics. It was an idea he had been pondering for 15 years, but the business and regulatory environment just weren’t right.
    The 2006 Pediatric Medical Device Act removed some of the last barriers, and Deeter and Downey were both in Washington, D.C., ready to get to work. “The day that became law, the next day we were at the FDA,” Downey said.

Company that makes medical devices for kids enjoys its own growth spurt


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