Amazing how this went on for so long and the living doctors have problems getting items approved.  At any rate, new procedures are being activated, perhaps such as moving an ID number and name to the “inactive” listing.  This is something a query could have caught in a data base if programmed and cross referenced to locate social security records that might show in fact that the physician was no longer alive,  and some of the physician names used had been dead for over 10 years! 

This week the debate goes on for the potential pay cuts for the ‘living doctors'” who don’t need further compensation cuts so let’s take care of them first.  Fraud is bad business and it’s a shame there were no audit tables and queries running that could have caught up with this much sooner before all the fraudulent activity took place, and yes those people stole from the government and should have to pay back some of what they took.  Perhaps some updated data systems will lend a helping hand here to stop the theft before it happens again.  Not real sure though what Mr. McCain can do though as he promises to curb wasteful spending.  Without the knowledge of running a computer spreadsheet once in a while, I’m not sure he can quite be very “hands on”.  BD 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and its contractors since have switched to a new ID system as of May that will wipe away many of those outdated codes, but unless broader changes are implemented, the same problems of potential waste and fraud will arise again, the investigation found. Responding in the report, CMS did not challenge the Senate findings but said it was taking several steps to help avoid future problems. For example, the agency said it was working to strengthen federal regulations involving documentation Medicare providers must keep from prescribing physicians. CMS said it also planned to work with the Social Security Administration to get monthly updates of the agency's file on recent deaths.

Probe finds dead doctors used in Medicare scams - Nation and World: AP Article


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