This could very well be a step backwards to having everything that is electronic and up to date and then going to a facility where paper as an example still rules and old methodologies have to be learned, just the opposite of what is going on in other offices and hospitals.

This study was done at Vanderbilt where they have developed some real state of the art software and procedures, such as this one to alert physicians to the onset of Sepsis with the use of Windows Server 2008, good read if you haven’t caught up with what they are doing. 

Vanderbilt University Medical Center - Server 2008 and Sepsis Detection

Leadership Strategy for the Prevention of Line Sepsis – 10th Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

The study also states that students are looking for hospitals that are using HIT technology when they graduate as well, so this can have an effect on the recruiting for those hospitals who are not up to date yet and still rely on paper systems for record keeping and other hospital functions.  BD

NASHVILLE, TN - A new study has found that physicians who receive training in a technology-rich environment but go on to work in a less modern facility feel they can't provide safe, efficient care as they could have with information technology. The study, ""Performing Without a Net: Transitioning Away From a Health Information Technology-Rich Training Environment," was conducted by Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

About 80 percent of the 328 Vanderbilt graduates who participated in the study were working in an environment with less IT. According to the study, they reported  "feeling less able to practice safe patient care, to utilize evidence at the point of care, to work efficiently, to share and communicate information and to work effectively within the local system."

Docs trained with IT say without it they feel vulnerable


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