According to the this article, the update of software was the culprit and had to do with the time out feature and not refreshing properly, a programming glitch that was corrected.  Good to know it was fixed and was not the actual data base itself, only the engine pulling the information to the screens for use and input, and noticeable as perhaps the general demographics, and other items did not match the patient being seen, so it sounds like the glitch somewhat stuck out like a sore thumb when it occurred and was highly noticeable by a user, even though it was intermittent. 

After a software patch was applied a month later and the problem went away.  The agency was not by far the only software program to require a patch as that has gone on over the years with all types of software even outside of healthcare, but healthcare software is critical as it is our lives contained in the programs.  BD 

The software problems came about after VA distributed version 27 of its Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) to medical facilities in late August. The software was to be installed by Oct. 6.

Clinicians noticed that when switching from one patient record to another, a new record was not loading under the second patient’s name, Josephine Schuda, a VA spokeswoman, said. Forty-one of 153 VA facilities reported experiencing this problem.

“This problem was occurring intermittently,” she added.

The problem occurred when a patient’s record remained set in the system after CPRS was trying to shut itself down because of inactivity, Schuda explained.

Electronic health record glitch put VA patients at risk -- Federal Computer Week


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