The article brings up a good point about nurses, are they members of the medical team or just another pair of helping hands?  Sometimes as cut backs are beginning to occur the duties of a nurse may slip over in to other areas where it is really outside the realm of the occupation as well.

Leadership roles are important as well.  In the Los Angeles area, there’s a look for nurses over the border in Mexico to help fill in the gaps.  By today’s standards in healthcare, nurses are not just an assistant, they are the ones who see the patients day by day, hour by hour, administer medications, imageetc. and the demands can be high and hours can be long, not to mention stress.  From a prior post, the Gordon and Betty Moore foundation has donated 100 million to build a nursing school in northern California.

The co-founder of Intel and his wife are giving $100 million to the University of California, Davis to establish a nursing school.
The gift from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is the largest donation ever to the university and is believed to be the largest gift in the nation for nursing education.
The money will be donated over 11 years and will go to create the school at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

Primary Care MDs, General Surgeons and nurses all in short supply, so what’s going to be left to pick up the slack, orthopedic surgeons?  BD 

One occupation, demand is still high -- so high that job candidates have been plied with incentives that range from gas cards to $20,000-signing bonuses to an opportunity to meet a celebrity. (News cameras recently captured former "Love Connection" host Chuck Woolery participating in a recruiting event.)

These sought-after candidates are nurses, and experts say the lavish efforts to recruit them are symptomatic of a desperate industry.

The lack of nursing graduates may be only a part of the problem. Because of poor working conditions, hospitals in particular also struggle to retain the nurses they've hired. Veteran nurse Dean Caputo, 52, remembers working at a hospital where the staff was so thin it compromised patient safety. Caputo, who lives in Beverly Hills, Mich., said there were supply shortages that left nurses scrounging, and that overall, the nurses felt ignored by management.

The nursing population, as a whole, is aging. Recent statistics, Walker said, show that the average age of a registered professional nurse is 47.3 years old, and just 10 percent of nurses in the United States are under the age of 30.

ABC News: Nursing: Hot Job, High Pay -- So Where Are the Takers?

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