As the project has been progressing, the site is now open for investigators to sign up. The related reading section below will give more details on how TrialX will work with the PHRs to find a trial that is suited for you, based on your health records.

You can also do a general search from the widget on the blog as well, but the benefit of using the PHR records is that is will cut to the chase and find those that are a true fit and the software will initiate the formatted letters and correspondence with the investigators, so less work for the other end as well and the investigator will have all your information up front, when you decide to make contact. Investigator submissions for sign up will need to be verified. The website also has alerts for both sides that can be customized for notifications. BD

From the website:
Why create an account on TrialX?
  • Specify your clinical trials
  • Communicate with potential participants for your clinical trials
  • Get statistics on your trial views and matches
Listing of your trials on TrialX is completely FREE!

TrialX allows any clinical trial investigator to sign up and make their clinical trials available to Internet users. In this help section, we provide answers to commonly asked questions for the Investigator Sign Up page.

What does Institution Name Field Mean?

We require that you provide us information about the organization/institution that you are affiliated with and under which perform your clinical research work.

What if I'm affiliated with multiple Institutions?

We require only one institution during Sign Up. You can add multiple institutions for all your trials, anytime after you signup.

I cannot find my Institution name in your list. What do I do?

TrialX allows investigators to enter any institution that they are affiliated with. Simply click on the institution field section and enter your institution. The "Find institution" listing is only meant to save your time in entering your institution information.

Why does it say that my username is already taken

Your account already exists on TrialX. You may have registered before and we provide only one account per email. Please go to Forgot Password page and we will email you instructions to recover your password.

Why do you require my institution email address as username?

We allow any email address as the username but providing your institution email address will help us verify your affiliation with the institution and expedite the process of approving your listed trials. We strive to provide potential participants with accurate information and need to verify the investigator submissions. - Connecting Participants to Clinical Trial Investigators

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