This sounds like the next device to work with HealthVault too.  With the HL-7 standards or continuity of care record process, information can be transferred, which is what we like, no manual data entry. 

This is great to see Blue Tooth here too, no cables or USB connections required, just pair up and go.  Information on how to purchase online can be found here:

MyGlucoHealth Purchase information

The page lists both the meter and a starter kit.  The price for the meter is $89.99. 

Kit includes: USB/Bluetooth glucose meter, carry case, lancing device, 2 meter USB cable, 155 strips, 55 lancets, 3 month trial subscription, documentation

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The availability of synchronizing and sending to a Cell Phone is great, are you still just using your cell phone for phone calls?  BD 

SAN DIEGO, May 13, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While debate continues within healthcare over the allocation of funds from the American imageRecovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Entra Health Systems offers an immediately available solution with MyGlucoHealth that not only can save money in the treatment of diabetic patients, it also provides patients with tools to improve their personal condition.  MyGlucoHealth is an integrated telehealth platform supporting patients and healthcare professionals in the monitoring and treatment of diabetes. The MyGlucoHealth meter connects wirelessly to a mobile phone using Bluetooth(r) technology to manage blood glucose testing information and communicate results to the MyGlucoHealth online Portal. MyGlucoHealth is the first FDA cleared and CE certified device of its kind in the world.

Integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems image

The integration of MyGlucoHealth data within a patient's EHR will help to streamline clinical workflow, leading to improved patient care, as well as reduced treatment costs. By accessing blood glucose records and other related patient information and medical histories in real-time using a mobile phone or PC, physicians and critical care personnel will have instant access to accurate information to better care for the patient.

Demographic data, blood test and other coordinated information about the patient from the MyGlucoHealth online database can readily be shared with any HL7-based Electronic Health Record system or as a continuity of care record using the ASTM standard for personal health records. For the patient with diabetes, integrating real-time testing data within their EHR will provide greater transparency for both the patient and the clinician, as well as a long-term history of patient readings to benchmark.


MyGlucoHealth Offers an Immediate, Direct Method for Integrating Electronic Health Records Technology to Reduce Cost of Diabetic Care


  1. About time a company embraces existing widespread technology. I can't wait to get my patients on this!

  2. Cool, Does it work with GSM phones?

  3. I wouldn't see why it wouldn't work wit a GSM phone as long as an internet connection is present to transmit that way.

    If not, and blue tooth is on the phone, a PHR like HealthVault, once it is connected and the vendor has the software written, can import via blue tooth.

  4. I'm using this on my Blackberry and it is a god send! Kudos to myglucohealth team!


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