Just about a month ago, I posted about Lab Results from Quest being available on iPhones and now you can have your labs imported to your HealthVault account.  image This makes perfect sense to building your personal health record.  Care 360 has been around for quite a while and many physician offices are either aware or utilize the services to obtain lab results for patients.   

We just need some role models now in places of authority to give us some feedback to get the ball rolling with Personal Health Records.  Patients are matched on the Patient account number for EHR purposes and a few years back before Web 2.0 I had created my own cross road well before HL7 was so widely accepted. 

Personal Health Records (PHR), I don’t do technology said the CEO, “it’s for those guys over there”

Being able to have your lab results in your PHR is by all means valuable information that one could share with a physician or hospital, especially if in the ER and recent tests were conducted, the ability to share this with an ER physician could certainly save time and money with not having to imageperhaps repeat tests that were recently done.  I am guessing too that like Google Health, your physician will need to provide the patient a code to enable the process. 

It is interesting with the competition in healthcare today too to note that Quest also has another division, MedPlus that markets e-prescribing and you might guess that there will be some business intelligence solutions to query labs against medication for alerts and other additional information too.  MedPlus is also in the HIE and RHIO business too. Good move though on getting the labs into the HealthVault.  BDimage

MADISON, N.J., May 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (NYSE: DGX) announced today that it will enable patients and their physicians to share diagnostic laboratory test results, using Microsoft HealthVault(TM). The connection will enable physicians who use Quest Diagnostics' Care360(TM) patient-centric physician portal to securely transfer, at a patient's request, diagnostic laboratory test results in a HIPAA-compliant format into the patient's protected account. Patients will be able to use their account to access current and historical diagnostic laboratory records from their physicians.

More than 140,000 physicians in the U.S. use Quest Diagnostics' Care360 network to order lab tests and view results, electronically prescribe drugs, upload clinical data and securely share information with other healthcare providers. Quest Diagnostics is the world's leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services, serving half of all physicians and hospitals in the U.S. and analyzing test results for more than 500,000 patients every day. Microsoft HealthVault allows users to store, organize and manage their medical records and personal health information online.

Quest Diagnostics to Connect to Microsoft HealthVault and Empower Patients and Physicians to Share Diagnostic Laboratory Test Results Online

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Patients can order up their own lab tests on line with MyMedLab.com with a referring physician and you get a free PHR to boot


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