This is just so funny and if you have not seen the Annoying Orange, it is annoying imagebut funny.  It’s time for good humor post and here this fits!  Normally the orange sits around and talks with other fruits and vegetables in the kitchen to include real apples and this is an encounter of a different kind.  There’s actually a game now available as well with the Annoying Orange. 

The annoying fruit kind of reminds us to eat healthy in a fun way.  I love the laugh of this guy. 

Annoying Orange

The Annoying Orange game demonstrated here…I like this as it uses real surroundings like kitchen cabinets.  I think it kind of gives off a subliminal message without being one of those over absorbing “Shell answer man” type of things we see out there today.  He wants to play with a BlackBerry, but it’s getting a recharge and couldn’t play with the Orange.  The series is just too funny and there’s a ton more of their videos on YouTube.  BD  

Annoying Orange Game


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