According to their website the hospital is using the latest version of the robot which includes dual consoles and 3D vision for the surgeons.  This is the first mention I have heard of the robot for women’s healthcare surgeries as we all know it has been used extensively for prostate and heart surgeries.  Now all we need is like Johns Hopkins has done with the $150 Kinect, hook it up and create some “no go” safety zones:)  Kinect might end up being daVinci ’s best one friend one day. 

Kinect And daVinci Surgical Robot Do Simulated Surgery imageSuturing Together (Video)

Back in January the University of Washington was working on this hack and now we have a video from Johns Hopkins where they have simulated a surgical procedure using gestures.  As the article states this is in the early stage here, but it’s been done and seems to be working pretty well during play time here.  BD

As the highest volume provider of robotic surgery in Orange County, and the first multidisciplinary program of its kind in Southern California, Hoag’s Gynecologic Robotic Surgery Program provides a patient-centered, integrated team approach to gynecologic surgical care using evidence-based medicine, progressive technology and innovative treatment options.


At Hoag, robotic-assisted surgery is performed utilizing one of four state-of-the-art da Vinci® Surgical Systems. Each robotic unit consists of an ergonomically designed surgeon’s console, a patient-side cart with four interactive robotic arms, a high-performance vision system and proprietary EndoWrist® Instruments. Powered by state-of-the-art robotic technology, the surgeon’s hand movements are scaled, filtered and seamlessly translated into precise movements controlled exclusively by the surgeon. And in the case of the dual console da Vinci® Si HD Surgical System, two surgeons can work together simultaneously to perform highly complex minimally invasive surgery.


Hoag is the first hospital in Southern California to acquire the newest robotic surgical device – the dual console da Vinci® Si HD Surgical System – and utilizes four state-of-the-art da Vinci® robots as part of its comprehensive robotic surgery program.

Conditions that may be appropriate for treatment with robotic surgery include:


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