We have another free clinic coming up in October in Los Angeles and CareNow is looking for volunteers, professions, food, and more.  There are already quite a few sponsors and one worth a note is Bill Maher, the comedian.  Most sponsors are in imagethe healthcare business, but not all, and you don’t have to be a healthcare related business to contribute.  Los Angeles over the last couple of years is becoming a regular host to the free clinics for those who can’t afford care and do not have health insurance.  RAM has put on a couple clinics in LA and even more in other cities in California, the last was in Sacramento and CareNow coordinated with their efforts. 

All the details are listed below in the press release and as of tonight, the website appears to have more updates coming soon.  If you can donate time or can volunteer, all the information is included below.  Feel free to refer this post on to anyone in the Los Angeles area as well.  BD 

Press Release:

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CareNow, a local nonprofit organization formed to bring help and hope to the uninsured and underserved in America's urban centers, will transform the Los imageAngeles Sports Arena into a giant clinic to provide free healthcare services to men, women and children needing medical, dental and vision care. CareNow is looking for healthcare professionals (dental, vision and medical) to volunteer for the event. Volunteers may sign up for half day or full day shifts. CareNow/LA will take place on October 20 to 23 from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Sports Arena located at 3939 S. Figueroa Street in Los Angeles.

"Los Angeles is an epicenter of healthcare need, but there is much we can accomplish together to meet that need. There are vast healthcare resources in our community eager to help, and we're expanding our services with every event, providing not only quality care but continuing care for those who need it," said Don Manelli, president of CareNow. "Our success depends on medical professionals who are willing to donate their time."

Last October, CareNow partnered with Maria Shriver to produce the Modern House Call – a massive free clinic in Long Beach that ran in conjunction with the Women's Conference. Prior to that, the same team of local providers and organizers collaborated with Remote Area Medical (Knoxville, Tennessee based) to produce two large free clinics in Los Angeles. Together, these three events served 15,330 Angelenos and provided 36,120 medical, dental and vision services – free care valued at more than $7.1 million. This year, the same group of dedicated community stakeholders and CareNow team of volunteers will undertake yet another groundbreaking effort.

CareNow is looking for the following healthcare provider volunteers:


"As a returning sponsor of the country's largest free health clinic, we've seen firsthand the difference this clinic will make in peoples' lives," said Howard Kahn, CEO of L.A. Care Health Plan, the nation's largest public health plan. "We're proud to be a part of the LA healthcare community that has been inspired to continue the event."

In addition to professionally trained medical specialists, CareNow is looking for non-medical volunteers to help register patients, manage patient flow and assist professional staff. For more information or to register as a medical or non-medical volunteer please visit www.CareNowUSA.org.


"The Los Angeles medical, vision and dental communities have shown an amazing level of commitment, from our local medical and dental schools and businesses, to individual volunteers and the entertainment community, we have received overwhelming support," said Manelli.

To date, CareNow has confirmed the following sponsors and partners: Bill Maher, Mark Gordon, Jason Flom, Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, L.A. Care Health Plan, Keck School of Medicine of USC, Geffen School of Medicine of UCLA, VSP Vision Care, Marisa Foundation, Live Nation, Molina Healthcare, Southside Coalition of Community Clinics, Los Angeles Dental Society, VOSH, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, Henry Schein Dental, Western Reserve University, Southern California School of Optometry, and more than fifty other healthcare organizations, manufacturers and suppliers.

CareNow is also seeking in-kind donations, including bottled water/refreshments, food, pharmaceuticals (excluding narcotics) ultrasound equipment, dental, vision and medical supplies.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities or to provide an in-kind donation, please contact Adrian Marquez at 323.202.1453 or adrian.marquez@edelman.com

While most supplies and equipment are donated, there are significant expenses in putting on an event of this magnitude and contributions are still needed. 

For more information about CareNow/LA, please visit the event page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CareNowUSA or follow CareNow on Twitter at www.twitter.com/CareNowUSA.

About CareNow

CareNow brings help and hope to the uninsured and underserved in America's urban centers. The organization works with local community resources and volunteers to produce free clinics providing comprehensive medical, dental, and vision care to individuals and families who are without access to the healthcare they need. There is no cost to the patient for the services provided. Clinics are staffed by professional and general volunteers, and supported by donations – both financial and in-kind – from local and national supporters. To learn more about CareNow and this year's clinic, please visit the organization's website at www.carenowusa.org.



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