Mitochon software as a service is located in Orange county as well.  Along with Practice Fusion, they are another free medical records system for doctors to take imageadvantage of and received their stimulus package for attesting and using the product.  Not being familiar with their business model I am guessing to support the free offering that data is some where along the line here sold as that is usually the business model found as something has to support the free offering unless there’s a few big millionaires that are donating all the money.  A little history here the HIE services used by Hoag are a subsidiary of Aetna the insurance company and Hoag was already into their integration and use of Medicity before the Aetna acquisition.  You can clearly begin to see the effects with mergers and acquisitions today in healthcare. 

Hoag Memorial Hospital Connects 250 Community Physicians To Their HIE Via Medicity (Recent Acquisition By Aetna)

Aetna to Acquire Medcity-Health IT Connectivity Vendor-Former CEO Takes Position on Board at Boeing

A few days ago the biggest HMO group in Orange County was purchased by United Healthcare, so insurer stakes in Health IT are all around us and thus I try to bring this awareness around so when making a purchase today you know where your bottom line profits could be going, especially in light of trying to get more smaller and mid size companies in existence in the US to create jobs. In Health IT areas it’s getting down to the linking and competiveness of the insurance IT infrastructures going way beyond just processing medical claims with all the various subsidiaries that are out there today and sometimes imagehard to recognize as some have some pretty long daisy chains.  I also wonder how much life there will end up being for the non profit HIEs that were set up as commercial competition here seems to be knocking on their doors all over the US. 

United Healthcare To Buy Huge Chunk of Orange County, California Managed Care Business with the Purchase of Monarch Healthcare–Subsidiary Watch

Mitochon systems uses a partner named BAC Medica Marketing who also has a long list of consulting and Health IT support they sell, so again I don’t know in full the partnership relationship in detail between the two companies and the Mitochon systems website has a number of other partners listed.  The EHR  has been certified by the Drummond Group to quality for stimulus money and users of the system will be able to connect to Hoag Hospital for electronic exchanges.  BD 

Mitochon Systems Demo

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Sep 8, 2011 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Mitochon Systems, a provider of free certified electronic health records systems and connectivity solutions for physicians, has announced that it now has built in connectivity from its EHR to Hoag Hospital's Health Information Exchange, which is powered by Medicity, an industry leader in the architecture, implementation and support of HIEs across the US, bringing robust content, proactive care communities, and meaningful applications together in a coherent, connected environment.

"Medicity is a fine partner for Hoag and we are thrilled to be working with them to connect physicians, patients, outpatient offices and Hoag itself," said Andre Vovan, M.D. Mitochon Founder and Hoag affiliated Physician. "This is a tremendous step toward our goal of generating better outcomes for patients, controlling costs and saving lives."

Mitochon Systems, located in Newport Beach, California, is a free certified HIE/EHR/PHR service that connects physicians, hospitals and patients into a Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE). Mitochon offers a free EHR (Electronic Health Record) and PHR (personal health record) systems for the synchronization of healthcare information. Mitochon seeks to empower physicians, hospitals and patients to make the most accurate, efficient and cost effective healthcare decisions through the deployment of its HIE and EHR products. More information about Mitochon Systems is available via its corporate website at or by calling 1.877.817.0902.


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