I have had this 2 year campaign for using  bar codes on devices, drugs and over the counter product and maybe one it might sink in.  I am guessing there will be additional information forthcoming on the lot numbers and so forth.  According to the imagearticle the levels of bacteria found were low and some within tolerance but after an inspection and discussion with the FDA, a recall was established.  These things are going to happen but what slays me is that nobody is prepared for these types of disasters and it just keeps going on.  On the Triad situation, even the local newspaper came to me and asked about how bar coding would work and they did a great investigative article. 

Recalled Wipes From Triad Still Out There in Consumer Medicine Cabinets and Possibly At Some Retail Locations-Manufacturers and FDA Need To Do A Better Job-Bar Codes

Heck even after all their recalls, Johnson and Johnson stuck their big toe in the water and put barcodes on their baby wipes, and they could do a lot more and I have no idea if this blog had anything to do with that or not, but they are there.  BD

Johnson and Johnson Puts Microsoft Tag Bar Codes on Baby Wipes But Can’t Do the Same to Give Consumers the Chance to Find Their FDA Recalls - BarCode Baby Steps?

A second company that makes and distributes alcohol prep wipes to prevent infection has issued a large recall because of potential bacterial contamination. The firm shares a common supplier with a Wisconsin wipe-maker whose products have been blamed for illnesses and death, a spokeswoman said.Professional Disposables International Inc.

That's the same organism that has triggered massive global recalls, a plant shut-down and at least eight lawsuits against the Triad Group and H&P Industries of Hartland, Wis. The lawsuits claim that contaminated alcohol prep products led to dangerous infections in people using the products for medical care.



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