This is fascinating on how Richard Resnick describes how sequencing is finding imagecures and treatments for diseases by identifying the gene.  When you listen you can hear about various diseases where treatments were found, again by identifying the genome. 

He further goes into explaining how this rolls over into genetically altered foods and the benefits.  As he goes on he adds some humor, like the “cheating gene” as all heard about and so forth.  What was also interesting was his description of his life insurance policy questions that asked if he had been sequenced, yes or no.  It further inquired do you want to share or keep it to yourself, which he chose the latter.  We all do that with insurance today as they don’t always use such information for care but rather to deny in some cases.  Life Technologies and their ION sequencer are featured here too and you can read more about it at the link below.  It’s like a printer that sits on your desk for sequencing.   

Ion Torrent’s DNA Desktop Machine Walk Through- How Semi Conductor Sequencing Works (Video)

Genomic Revolution

I remember posting about that first machine too, the Pollinator from George Church who was the project leader for the first 10 people to be sequenced of which he was one up at Harvard.  BD

The Polonator - the DNA Machine for $150,000


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