I can’t help but think back with covering Health IT to once again go back to what I said in August of 2009…but who in the heck am I, just someone who wrote code for imagea while and knows how this takes place and works against the digital illiterate or those in denial, not fair.  If you visit the link below you can go back and hear Harry Markopolos and his testimony in front of Congress, kind of timely right now.

“Department of Algorithms – Do We Need One of These to Regulate Upcoming Laws?

The current administration still has a few executives hanging around that don’t appear to exercise any consumer IT literacy and they kill us and waste a lot of time being non participants, but worse over on the other side we have the Drama Queen antics of the GOP. 

Madoff's Scheme – One Reason To Put the “Smart People” in the Right Places So We Don’t Get Fooled Again

You know people who understand the complicated code process just sit and shake our heads while watching news being reported somethings more for OMG status and ratings, but that’s what we have right now and it’s not all that way, mostly the political news it seems.  Look who was one of the first to break the silence, the IT guy who of course had this long figured out but was paid well.  image

Madoff Employee Breaks Silence – The IT Guy Talks about the “Root Kits” of Madoff’s Wall Street

“The three managers who ran parts of the businesses were getting $500,000 to $750,000 a year and they didn’t even know anything about modern computerized trading,” the employee said.  The employee was part of a trading group, which was able to break a security code that he says led them to a site that was supposed to be seen only by the Madoff family. It showed the profits and losses of the legitimate businesses. Even in years when they grossed $25 to $50 million, they calculated in the outlandish costs and thus concluded that the firm barely broke even and some years lost money”

The SEC has had to learn some hard lesson and now is working to correct that image and want coders around to help them too and this was from yesterday, September 1, 2011.  Give the SEC the coders they need as HFT is going to shift again as the hardware war is coming to a close and the next move is to rework the algorithms for the transaction, query and other factors to see if they can optimize with software over the next guy, but never mind the extra exposure to potential corruption and some of these folks over clock their server processors too, and you just thought it was kids that did that with the need for speed with gamingSmile

FINRA and SEC Asking High Frequency Trading Firms To Hand Over the Algorithms of Their Trading Strategies And Code–Time for That Department of Algorithms?

So enough of my long article lead in…here’s the trailer and hopefully it will be a good accounting when the movie is released.  The trailer looks pretty good with actual footing in there. 

Chasing Madoff

Nobody wanted to do the math except Harry Markopolos and nobody listened to him, there are crooked algorithms in this world and healthcare got burned in several areas here too, a couple examples below.  BD

Madoff Scam Hits Harvard Medical School Grants and affiliate Beth Israel Medical Center

Mayo Clinic – Madoff connection with funding Gastrointestinal Research



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